Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Done Climb an aktive volcano
Done Cuddle a koala
Done Hunt kangaroo
Not done yet. Cycle “rallarvegen” in Norway
Not done yet. Swim with dolphins
Not done yet. See the northern lights
Not done yet. See the midnight sun
Not done yet. Swim among ice flakes
Done Get kids
Not done yet. Learn to surf
Not done yet. Set foot in all the 7 continents (Antarktis might be tricky)
Done Watch a musical on Broadway
Done Walk on the Chinese wall
Not done. Yet. Learn to play the piano
Not done. Yet. See the pyramids in Egypt
Not done. Yet. Heli-skiing
Done Work as a volunteer
Done See a lion in Afrika
Done Ride an elefant
Done Dive with sharks
Not done. Yet. Experience the carnival in Rio
Not done. Yet. Learn to juggle
Not done. Yet. Raft
Not done. Yet. Fly in a hot air balloon
Not done. Yet. Jog the marathon
Done Travel around the world
Done Fly in a helikopter
Done Roadtrip USA from coast to coast
Done Ride the worlds fastest rollercoaster
Not done. Yet. Ride the transibirian railway
Done Ride a kamel
Done Appear on TV
Done Skydive
Not done. Yet. Climb Kilimanjaro
Done Dive on the great barrier reef
Done Hike the Inca Trail
Not done. Yet. Hike to Base Camp, Mount Everest
Not done. Yet. Experience weightlessness
Not done. Yet. Break the sound barrier
Not done. Yet. Svim in the red sea
Not done. Yet. Go to space
Done! Bungee jump
Not done. Yet. Fly a plane
Not done. Yet. Spend a night in a snow cave
Not done. Yet. Write a poem and read it before an audience © 2024 All Rights Reserved